The Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium robot is the feature-rich robotic mower for large 1 acre lots. It mows up to 39,204 sq ft (0.9 acres) of grass, not including the house, driveway, etc. If your lot is larger than 1 acre, take a look at the L210 Elite.

The key features of Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium vs 4.0 Basic include: 1) GPS navigation for more efficient mowing (perimeter wire required) 2) Touchscreen for programming flexibility 3) Motorized blade height adjustment enables different grass heights on the same property 4) "Connect" remote communication module that enables theft recovery via geofence and control of your robot from anywhere in the world!  

The most unique feature of Ambrogio NEXT Line 4.0 robots is their jointed body that allows the robot to conform to the shape of the ground. The joint is between the deck and the drive wheels. It tilts side-to-side, preventing scalping of the grass on uneven terrain.

The Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Medium, Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium and the Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Extra Premium are identical robots except for their power units. The 4.0 Elite Medium has a 5.4Ah "Smart" battery, the 4.0 Elite Premium has an 8.7 Ah "Smart" battery, while the 4.0 Elite Extra Premium has an an 8.7 Ah "Smart" battery and an inductive "contact-less" charging unit.

All Ambrogio 4.0 models are fully autonomous and recharge themselves.  And, they are Bluetooth-enabled and remote-communication-enabled. They can be controlled from a smartphone in close proximity. Remote communication enables commands to be sent from anywhere.





Ambrogio 4.0 Elite vs 4.0 Basic
  Elite Basic
Body Style/FormFactor Self-leveling Jointed Deck Self-leveling Jointed Deck
Blade 1 Ring of 6 Razor Blades 4-Edged "Star" Blade
Blade Motor Height Adjustment Motorized Mechanical: Use Provided Tool
Control/Settings Touchscreen or Smartphone App Smartphone App
Coverage by Power Unit Selection Up to 0.8 Acres w/inductive option Up to 0.5 Acres
Mowing Algorithm SDM: Spiral in tiles w/GPS Assistance Random + Spiral
"Connect" Communication

Notifications, Geofence, Dealer-enabled GPS Fast Return



Also take a look at the Ambrogio L250 Elite S+! Identical in features except for the star blade that is very close to the robot's edge and its looks. Max mowing height is 2.8" for L250i Elite S+!

The 4.0 Elite robot is also in stock now as "High Cut", 2.8"-3.7" max height plus front wheel steering. Designed for St. Augustine grass! Order 4.0 High Cut by phone: (847) 960-8520 or email us and we will send you an electronic invoice via PayPal.

All Ambrogio robots come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty!**  Ambrogio 4.0 NEXT models' warranty may be extended to 6 years with Registered Annual Maintenance, performed by an Authorized Dealer. The cost for this service is typically $250 per season. This is the best warranty offered in the industry! Click the logo below for details!

Zucchetti 6 Year Warranty Logo

**All Ambrogio robots have a two year battery warranty if the robot is not left to sit for 5 months uncharged. Charge fully when taken out of service, charge at least once over the winter to keep the battery in top condition.

More information and specifications are available here:

Ambrogio NEXT Line 4.0 Elite

Perimeter wire* and pegs sold separately - or contact the Authorized Ambrogio Dealer in your area for professional installation.

*Perimeter wire substitution voids warranty.

Available Options

Select from the options listed above. Contact us if an option you are interested in is not shown. When converting to the "star" blade, grass height adjustment range changes to 1.2"-2.4" (60mm max). Motorized blade may go higher but the blade interferes with the chassis; set the height 60mm or lower for all three profiles upon installation of the blade.

Why buy from us?

We are an Upper Midwest distributor for Ambrogio Robot Mower. We have been working with Ambrogio robots since 2006. As the most experienced internet company for the Ambrogio and LawnBott® brands in the US, we serve consumers and businesses who do not have a dealer. Our dealers are located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and in select locations around the USA. Learn more here: About Us

Questions about whether Ambrogio robot will work for your yard? Participate in the AmbrogioRobotMowers Reddit Logo

How to Purchase
Call now!  (847) 960-8520  We are glad to help you with your purchase. Or, add the robot to the cart, select accessories and order online!  Order via email; we will send an electonic invoice with PayPal.
6 Months 0% Financing available via PayPal Credit!
You’ll have the option to make no payments for 6 months, on qualifying purchases. You will receive monthly statements and can make payments at any time. As long as you pay in full by the promotion expiration date, you will not be billed interest for that purchase. If you do not pay in full, interest will be calculated from the posting date (which is usually within a few days after the purchase date) and will be billed to your account.  


Visit the Accessories Page

Ambrogio accessories: wire, pegs, wiresaver, wire break finder, spiked wheels in a strip with labels

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Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Robot Mower: Premium

  • $4,628.00

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