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Join our growing network of independent dealers and be part of a new and exciting industry! Did you know that over 2 million robot mowers have sold in Europe to-date? The European market alone is expected to grow to over 1B by 2024. The global robot pool cleaner market is mature in the US and is expected to grow to 2B by 2025 with a 19% growth rate. The margins are good as of now, but they won't stay high forever. Hitch a ride on these incredible growth curves before increased competition drives prices down. 

We are an Authorized Distributor of Max Distributing, USA importer/distributor for Zucchetti, Barbieri and Del Morino products. Our territory is Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as select locations around the USA. We are actively recruiting dealers inside, and out of, our territory. We have extensive hands-on knowledge about our products and provide training, documentation and support to ensure your success. 


Dealer Requirements

  • Dealers perform marketing, sales and service in their local area.
  • Dealers are mechanically/technically-minded, capable of diagnosing issues and performing repairs (or will partner with a qualified business/individual).
  • Dealers must meet a minimum purchase requirement to get started.
  • Internet sales/drop-shipping by dealers is not allowed nor supported.
  • New dealerships are available in our 5-state territory (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin).
  • Not in a location that we support? We will refer your application to the appropriate entity.

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*Application submission does not constitute a commitment on our part to do business. Acceptance depends on many factors, including the candidates willingness to agree to our terms in writing and a purchase commitment.

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Business Financing Options

Equipment Financing  We offer two equipment financing options for businesses. Apply now and get approved instantly!


Ascentium Capital Logo        Call Gordy Iler at 281-883-5088                   


      First Citizens Bank Logo  Call Andrew Chalmers at 603-373-1370          


Commercial Leasing

Equipment Leasing  Northstar Leasing, owned by People's Bank, performs a comprehensive review of your credit history and will customize the financing terms according to your needs. For example, Northstar offers a Lease-to-Own program that is perfect for financing your Ambrogio robot fleet. Apply, get their financing terms and plug the terms in the Ambrogio Fleet Designer for a realistic estimate of your Annual Net Revenue. Leasing questions? Call Frank Jansen at 802-540-8316. Or, apply for leasing now!  Enter Paradise Robotics in the "Referred By" field.


northstar leasing logo          Call Frank Jansen at 802-540-8316           


Flyer discussing business equipment leasing by Northstar Leasing

  • Perfect for dealer's customers who deploy fleets of robots (such as landscapers)
  • Flexible terms, low rates
  • $1 buyout option at lease-end. Rent-to-own.
  • For businesses only. Contact Frank Jansen at Northstar Leasing, as indicated on the flyer.
  • Northstar Leasing is owned by Peoples Bank.



Call (847) 960-8520, Text or Call (925) 480-7836  Email: