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Arduino Cookbook - Second Edition
Create your own toys, remote controllers, alarms, detectors, robots, and many other projects with th..
Building Wireless Sensor Networks
Create distributed sensor systems and intelligent interactive devices using the ZigBee wireless netw..
Electrical Engineering 101 - (3rd Edition)
Everything you should have learned in school, but probably didn't! This book is great for electronic..
Electronic Formulas Symbols & Circuits
Forrest M. Mims III has written more than sixty books about science, lasers, computers, and electron..
Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects
Forrest M. Mims III has written more than sixty books about science, lasers, computers, and electron..
Getting Started With Arduino 2nd Edition
By Massimo Banzi, Maker Media, Inc October 2011, pages 128 This edition thorough introduction, upda..
Making Android Accessories with IOIO
The Android operating system is becoming more and more popular among embedded device manufacturers m..
Making Things Move DIY Inventor's Handbook for Robots, Mechanisms and More!
Description: Dustyn Roberts' Making Things Move is a wonderful introduction to practical mechanics. ..
Making Things Talk 2nd Edition
By Tom Igoe, Maker Media, Inc September 2011, pages 496 Make microcontrollers, PCs, servers, and sm..
Open SoftWear
Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More precisely it is a book about Arduino boar..
Raspberry Pi User Guide by Gareth Halfacree and Eben Upton
The Raspberry Pi User Guide: 2nd Edition contains everything the reader needs to know to get up and ..
Robot Builder's Bonanza
Have fun while learning how to design, construct, and use small robots! This richly illustrated guid..
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook
The full-color SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook V3 contains step by step instructions of how to con..
Snap Circuits Student Guide ® for SC-100/SC100R
Snap Circuits Student Guide® for SC-100/SC-100R Features: Junior Student Guide has 48 color page..
Snap Circuits Teachers Guide ® 100R/300R/500R/750R
Snap Circuits Teachers GuideĀ® 100R/300R/500R/750R Features: The Teacher Guide is meant to prepare e..
Student Guide for SC300/SC500/SC750
Complete Student Guide Models SC300, SC500, SC750. Features: Enhance your learning with detailed ex..

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