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Fischer Technik  Jumbo Starter Set
Deluxe fischertechnik Set for Builders 5 and up! A lowboy with crane, an airplane, a tractor... the..
Fischer Technik  Little Starter Set
Entry Level fischertechnik Set for Ages 5 and Up! Starter set for young engineers from age 5. The l..
Cubelets KT01 Standard Kit
The Cubelets KT01 standard kit comes with 20 magnetic blocks that can be snapped together to make an..
Bar Graph Cubelet
Displays the block's value as a light-up bar graph. The value is normalized to the number of points ..
Battery Cubelet
The Battery Cubelet provides energy to power a construction. It contains two rechargeable batteries ..
Blocker Cubelet
The Blocker Cubelet is a basic building block that "blocks" data from its neighbors. It still passes..
Bluetooth Cubelet 2.0
Remote control or reprogram! Add to any Cubelets kit to extend your robot. The Bluetooth Cubelet co..
Brightness Cubelet
Detects the amount of light hitting it's sensor. The Brightness Cubelet has an analog photocell that..
Distance Cubelet
The Distance Cubelet detects how far it is from an object. It uses infrared light and is accurate be..
Drive Cubelet
Contains a motor and roller wheels for moving on a horizontal surface. The Drive Cubelet only moves ..
Flashlight Cubelet
The Flashlight Cubelet emits a focused beam of light from a powerful white LED. Off with a value of ..
Inverse Cubelet
The Inverse Cubelet calculates a value that is the opposite of the values it receives. Specifically,..
Knob Cubelet
The Knob Cubelet has a potentiometer embedded in one of its faces. It outputs a 0 when turned fully ..
Maximum Cubelet
The Maximum Cubelet accepts many different inputs but only passes along the one with the greatest va..
Minimum Cubelet
The Minimum Cubelet can accept any amount of data but only outputs the smallest value that it receiv..
Passive Cubelet
The Passive Cubelet is a basic building block. It carries power and data from its neighbors, but it ..
Rotate Cubelet
One face spins at a rate corresponding to the block's input values...
Speaker Cubelet
Chirps according to the block's data value. Contains a small speaker and an amplifier...
Temperature Cubelet
The Temperature Cubelet contains a tiny thermometer (actually, a thermistor) that detects temperatur..
Cubelets Battery Charger
Charger for Cubelets batteries...
Cubelets Brick Adapter 4-Pack
Use these little yellow adapters to connect CUBELETS and LEGO® bricks!..
Cubelets Rechargeable Battery
Each Battery Cubelet contains two of these RCR123A size batteries. It's important to use these batte..
Cubelets USA to Europe Adapter Plug
Charge your Cubelets batteries from a European-type outlet! This simple outlet-to-plug adapter all..

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