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We are very glad you found our site! Our goal is to make starting your STEM or robotics program as easy as possible. We have Net 30 terms for qualified institutions, expert advice to help you decide the number of kits and software licenses to buy and basic technical support!

Our kits cover all ages and price points and are perfect for small, medium and large schools as well as home schoolers, after-school programs, preschools and day care centers. This chart reflects the cost vs. durability you can expect:

Educational Robotics Cost vs Durability

As shown in the chart, the cost goes up with durability and reusability. That's not to say our low cost kits are not a great deal, they are! It's just that you may have to replace them more often than with our very durable, high-end kits.  Now, if you are home-schooling, our low cost kits are ideal for you!

Modular Robotics' CubeletsTM is the only brand to consider for teaching STEM robotics to small children. Preschoolers as young as 4 years old can build a robot in just a few minutes. There is no programming with CubeletsTM because they use a technology called Swarm Robotics. Each Cubelet has its own brain and it works by communicating with adjacent CubeletsTM that are connected magnetically. Cubelets are the ultimate robot building blocks that literally anyone can use to get started with robotics. Extremely basic, you will find that starting with CubeletsTM removes the fear factor and gets elementary students going quickly with basic robotics knowledge.  Home schoolers could purchase CubeletsTM a little at a time, increasing the quantity as the child grows.

MossTM, also from Modular Robotics, is a cost effective but more challenging robotics education system for teaching STEM Robotics to elementary K-5 students starting at age 8.  Moss also uses Swarm Robotics Technology, however, it is at a much lower price point than CubeletsTM.  Although the same complement of components are included (e.g. sense, think, act), MossTM robots are significantly more challenging to build.  Students must learn to orient the pieces properly as well as build a mechanically-sound robot.  MossTM is great for home schoolers, too, since the starting cost is much lower than some of our other kits.

Snap CircuitsTM is a wonderful way to introduce traditional and home-schooled students to electronics and circuits.  Beginners who want to learn electronics need not worry about bending and inserting wires in the right places or soldering with a soldering iron of more than 700 degrees.  Circuits are simply snapped together.  These robust kits are available from small to large, enabling practically endless combinations for maximum education possibilities.  Student and Teacher guides are available.

K'Nex, one of our mid-range offerings, is another fine line.  We carry standard K'Nex building toys and also K'Nex Education products.  Kids like building with K'Nex, it is a known brand and the education products extend play into important topics such as Mechanics and Dynamics.  K'Nex Education is famous for its roller coasters products.

Fischer Technik is another extremely durable line we carry.  Fischer Technik is manufactured in Germany.  It uses a special plastic that is blended with nylon to make virtually unbreakable pieces that also have a degree of flexibility.  One of the unique aspects of Fischer Technik is the pieces can be assembled from all six sides.  They use a notch and groove approach so unlike LegoTM, they will not fall apart.  Another great advantage of Fischer Technik is its space-saving versatility.  Once built, Fischer Technik creations do not occupy very much space.

Browse our offerings now!  We are available to help you and are ready to provide a quotation.  Home Schoolers, simply call to place your order or put your order in on our secure web site.  If we have the item in stock it will ship the next business day.  Some items may take a bit longer.  

Local to the Chicago Area?  We have a retail partner in Barrington, IL that is open 7 days per week.  Just give us one day notice and your order will be ready for pick-up during their next business day.

Call (847) 960-8520.  Most often you will reach Kathy Moseler, also known as "The Robot Lady", on the phone.  Alternatively, you may email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  If our lines are busy, keep trying or leave a message and Kathy or one of her team members will call you back!  Our STEM Robotic kits are in high demand, get yours today!

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