This is the multi-acre robotic mower you have been waiting for!  Commercial quality but useful for homes with having wide open spaces, too.  This robot maintains up to 5 acres of grass. Ask about our discounted demo unit!

How to Evaluate L400i/L450i Deluxe

Bigger is not always better - this robot is 4 ft x 3 ft vs. the L300 Elite's 2.3 ft by 1.6 ft.  Some yards have intricate landscaping and strips of grass smaller than 3 feet wide.  L350i Elite navigates those areas with no problem, but L400i/L450i Deluxe needs more room to maneuver.

L400i/L450i Deluxe has the new "Flex Rubber" tires that have better traction and act as shock absorbers to protect the wheel motor internal gears.

L400i/L450i Deluxe uses proven perimeter wire technology and the GPS-enabled “Smart Partition” Cutting System (Satellite Dynamic Memory, SDM, mowing algorithm).

L400i Basic (2.5 acres) with patented rear hard plastic tires is available by special order. Its retail price is $12,999 plus shipping.

Difference between L400i and L450i: The L450i has the rear soft rubber tires. L400i has patented hard plastic rear tires. L450i may have L400i label on its cover. The current L400i/L450i Deluxe Ambrogio is only sold with soft rubber tires.

In the case of sports fields, it is necessary to consider the times the field is used by players and account for this time by using more capacity or by adding one or more additional robots to compensate. Ambrogio L400i/450i Deluxe can be used on the Infinity System. Multiple robots can work in the same wire loop. One robot can work while the other charges and vice versa.

The electricity needed to charge the robot's batteries and power the signal is very minimal compared to the cost of the gas and the labor for traditional mowing.

Why Buy L400i/L450i Deluxe vs a GPS-RTK Robot Lawn Mower?

A robot with a perimeter wire is proven technology. New GPS-RTK robots require refining technology that enables the robot to drive straight. Refining technology is usually circuitry on a tall pole that must have a line-of-site view to the satellite. A few manufacturers are using refining technology at the dealer's location. In this case, no refining technology is needed at the robot site, but the robot must be within some number of miles of the dealer's location or another refining communication station + antenna. GPS-RTK robots also require a high quality 4G signal throughout the entire property.

Grassy areas close to buildings, structures and trees will probably need to be mowed with an alternate method at times, because the GPS signal will be blocked, depending which satellites the robot is using. The robot must always know where it is on the grass via constant communication to the refining technology or to the cellular network. New Ambrogio GPS-RTK robots are generally only sold through dealers since a detailed technical analysis is required.

Ambrogio perimeter wire and GPS-RTK robots (coming soon) run on batteries and keep grass mowed always with no clippings. Bump sensors for safety enable these robots to work unattended. GPS-RTK gas-powered autonomous mowing equipment, in general, cannot be left unattended for safety reasons. This equipment is designed to mow long grass periodically. Gas powered mowing is done less frequently; there will be clippings.

Proven perimeter wire technology is known to work. Unlike GPS-RTK gas-powered equipment that must be monitored, the L400i/L450i robots keep fields and large areas mowed always with no supervision and few or no clippings.


All Ambrogio robots come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty*!

**All Ambrogio robots have a two year battery warranty if the robot is not left to sit for 5 months uncharged. Charge fully when taken out of service, charge at least once over the winter to keep the battery in top condition.


More information and specifications are available here:

Perimeter wire* and pegs sold separately - or contact the Authorized Ambrogio Dealer in your area for professional installation.

*Perimeter wire substitution voids warranty

Why buy from us?

We are an Upper Midwest distributor for Ambrogio Robot Mower. We have been working with Ambrogio robots since 2006. As the most experienced internet company for the Ambrogio and LawnBott® brands in the US, we serve consumers and businesses who do not have a dealer. Our dealers are located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and in select locations around the USA. Learn more here: About Us

Stock Status L400i Deluxe (also known as L450i Deluxe) is available for purchase via our dealers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Availability depends on stock status at the US Importer in Portland, OR. If they are out of it, it can be special ordered from Italy (allow 3-12 months). Other dealers around the US and Canada may also include the L400i/450i in various forms as part of their Ambrogio offerings. A good alternative to L400i/L450i is multiple Ambrogio 350i Elite robots on the Infinity system. Ambrogio 350i Elite maintains 1.75 acres per robot.

How to Purchase

Call to discuss whether there is a dealer in one of our five states who can serve you (847) 960-8520. Outside our five midwest states? We will refer you to the US Importer who will route your inquiry to the appropriate entity.  


Qualified businesses can obtain financing from one of our financing partners.  Learn more here.
Purchasing for a business? Business may take advantage of our "Lease to Own" option. Terms are customizable and flexible depending upon your needs. Why pay all at once? Easily manage your cash flow with our lease-to-own option.
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Ambrogio L400i/L450i Deluxe Commercial Robot Mower with GPS - 5 Acres!

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