3D Doodler Pens

Check out our amazing 3D doodling and drawing pens! We carry the famous original 3D pen, 3Doodler (coming soon!) and also the high quality Lay3r 3D pen & filaments.

What is a 3D Drawing Pen?

The simplest explanation is It is similar to a 3D printer, except it allows you to create 3D objects freehand with no software or computer attached! Draw amazing multi-colored sculptures, use it to write attractive words in script, make creative 3D calligraphy for wedding invitations, the things you can do with it are absolutely infinite!

Safety of 3D Doodler/Doodling Pen for Kids 

Current models are generally for adults and children 14 and over, however, younger children may use them with close adult supervision. The tip gets very hot to melt the plastic.  It is perfectly safe because the heat is only there while drawing; a button has to be held down for the heat to be on.  However, the tip will be hot while the pen is running and will remain hot for some time after it turns off.

Send us a Photo of Your Creations!

Email a photo to info@paradiserobotics.com  We carefully review all submissions prior to posting, including evaluating legal requirements.  Thank you for your patience in awaiting our decision.  




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3D Printing/3D Doodler Pen Filament 1.75mm ABS All Colors

3D Printing/3D Doodler Pen Filament 1.75mm ABS All Colors

Our filaments for 3D Printing, 3D Doodling and 3D Drawing pens are very high quality and available i..