3D Doodler/Drawing Pen - Lay3r

3D Doodler/Drawing Pen - Lay3r
Brand: MindKnob
Manufacturer P/N: Lay3r
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** Lay3r is Discontinued **  Coming Soon!  3Doodler 3D Doodling pen!  Contact us if you have questions about when we will have the 3Doodler in stock!


You've come to the right place to learn about and buy your first 3D drawing pen!

How the Lay3r 3D Doodler / Drawing Pen Works

The Lay3r pen plugs into an AC outlet with an AC adapter. A thin coil of plastic is fed by a motor and gears up to a metal extruder. The extruder is heated with the pen's electricity. The heat melts the plastic and the artist directs the melted plastic in the air before it cools.

How to Use the Lay3r 3D Doodler / Drawing Pen

Actually, the easiest way is to make a simple sketch on paper, press the "forward" button and then direct the pen's tip over the sketch. The plastic won't stick to the sketch.  The sketch simply provides guidance to the artist, as an artist's reference.  Continue adding layers to build it up. Draw supporting structures to support more layers and keep building it up. Change colors as you go and have a blast!

What is the "Reverse" Button for?

We're glad you asked.  There is never a need to use the reverse button except when you want to remove the last bit of filament to change colors or add more.  Leave some hard filament hanging out, press reverse and pull gently.  Then load new filament.  Run the pen for a bit to make sure the old color clears the extruder before adding the new color to your artwork.

What about Quality?

We tried the Lay3r 3D pen ourselves, so we can speak highly of its quality.  The plastic flows at a constant rate and the tip does not clog at all.

Where Does the Name Lay3r Come From?

The reason it is called Lay3r is because of the way the artist "layers" the extruded plastic onto previous layers that were layed down.  It's funny how the manufacturer substituted a 3 for a capital E in the name.  Unusual, but it works!

Who Makes the Lay3r 3D Pen?

Lay3r is produced by Mindknob, a US company. It is a very high quality pen and the filaments are less expensive than other pens on the market.  We are a retailer for Mindknob.  We carry their pens, 3D Printer & 3D Pen filaments.  We only work with top-notch, high-integrity companies.  You may not have heard of Mindknob or Lay3r, but we've screened them and they meet our requirements.

Where Are the Filaments Available?

We have a great selection of the official filaments for Lay3r at a great price!  There's no need to shop elsewhere.  Just click the "Related Products" tab just under the "Add to Cart" button at the top of this page.  Or, navigate by clicking the "Artists & Crafters" category & select "3D Pens" to find the product page for the Lay3r 3D filaments (1.75mm ABS and more!).

Why Wait?

What are you waiting for? Buy your Lay3r pen today!  It makes a great Holiday or Birthday gift for teens, tweens and any artist!  Order online, or place your order with us by phone: (847) 960-8520

Safety Warning    Children under 14 should use the pen with adult supervision only.  Not for children under 3 years old.

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