We're really glad you found this page! Our exclusive Professional Installation Guide is free with your robot mower purchase. 138 pages, 53 Figures, 5 Tables and 23 wiring diagram examples. Shopping for a robot? Purchase our guide to obtain valuable insights into the planning process so you may prepare your yard ahead of your robot mower purchase.

You may be looking into purchasing an Ambrogio robot mower or another robotic lawn mower brand, or you may own a robot now and are having issues such as the robot going out of border/out of the perimeter or the robot loses signal frequency ("no signal" error, loop error, etc.), or the robot escapes to another area before finishing.

Just trying to solve a problem? Our manual contains instructions for better routing of the wire to prevent/eliminate issues. The guide is specifically for Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers, however, you will find valuable information that also applies to other robotic mower brands.

Purchase our exclusive Ambrogio Robot Professional Installation Guide if:

  1. You purchased your robot from another company
  2. You want to re-do your installation yourself without having to pay a professional
  3. You want to become more educated about best practices for installing robotic mowers.
  4. You are selling your robotic lawn mower and you want to provide a purchase incentive to prospective buyers.

Our guide is based on over 15 years of experience installing and working with robotic lawn mowers. It covers many challenging situations, including large yards, multiple robots on the same yard, how to prevent signal issues and much more!

The paperback and PDF versions of our installation guide are free when you purchase your robotic mower from us!

  • Professional installation instructions
  • Recharging base placement tips
  • Dealing with fences
  • Future-proofing the installation
  • Large yards
  • Multiple robots
  • 138 color illustrated pages
  • 23 color perimeter wire drawings
  • 53 Figures, 5 Tables
  • Free updates (PDF)
  • Getting Started with the Ambrogio Remote App (IOS) PDF 
  • Ambrogio Quick Start Guide PDF
  • Covers all Ambrogio Models manufactured 2017 and later
  • Useful information for all robot mower brands. We are always enhancing and improving the guide.

Your purchase of the paperback includes the PDF version and free PDF updates. A link to the Installation Guide PDF, plus supplements: Ambrogio Remote App PDF and the Quick Start Guide PDF, will be sent to the email address provided to us during checkout. Contact us if you do not receive the link within 48 hours of your purchase! 

For your convenience, the paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon. View the first 20 pages with the Look Inside feature. Read it at no extra cost with Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. The PDF version and supplements are available free when you provide proof of your Amazon purchase.

Ambrogio Professional Installation Guide on Amazon

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