Ambrogio/LawnBott® Pegs are for staking the perimeter wire down.  These pegs are easily breakable by hand so you can make them shorter if needed.

Burying vs. Staking

Burying robotic mower perimeter wire is over-rated!  Ambrogio LawnBott pegs hold the perimeter wire to the top of the grass.  After about 2 weeks, the grass growth pulls the pegs and wire down into the grass, completely absorbing both the wire and the pegs!  

Staking the wire rather than burying has an advantage because if you decide to make changes to landscaping, it is really easy to move the wire.

It is really easy to install Ambrogio or LawnBott® with wire and pegs.  You can do it yourself!  There's no need to rent a machine and there's less concern about signal loss that occurs when the wire is buried.  The wire is at the perimeter of the lawn and the robot drives on it, so you always know where the wire is located.   Except when the wire goes up to a tree or flowerbed, though!

Flowerbeds & Aeration Concerns

Wire that goes up to trees and flower beds may be placed 3-6" deep.  That is, you can avoid having wire in the middle of the lawn that is at the surface by digging a groove and laying the two wires in it.  This is a handy trick if you regularly aerate your lawn and are worried about cutting the wire while aerating.  The reason you can do this on flowerbeds is because the signal cancels between the two closely-placed wires and becomes invisible to the robot.   The robot does not need to detect the signal, so everything still works great!

Dealing with Hard/Dry Ground

Ambrogio/LawnBott® pegs are nice because each peg can be shortened easily for ground that is hard or dry. Or, pound a long nail or screwdriver to make a deep hold and then insert the peg.

How to Install Robot Mower Perimeter Wire with Pegs

Order extra installation pegs whenever you order additional wire for your lawn. They may be gently pounded in directly with a rubber mallet or pushed in by hand if the ground is soft.  If the ground is hard or dry, the tip of each peg snaps off to shorten it and reduce the effort to pound it in. You can always make a hole with a hammer and long screwdriver if you are doing your installation during a dry period. 

Each peg has two protrusions. The wire stays securely between one of the protrusions and the nail shaft.

Why mess around with burying your robotic mower's perimeter wire when you can just stake it down instead?

Need help figuring out how many pegs to buy?  No problem!  Just give us a call at (847) 960-8520 or email

Not finding the LawnBott part you are looking for? Contact us We may have the part in stock or we can have it shipped to you directly.

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Pegs - 100ct or 200ct

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