LawnBott LB75DX Turbo 7.5Ah

LawnBott LB75DX Turbo 7.5Ah
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Manufacturer P/N: LB75DX
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Entry-level LawnBott Robotic Mower! The LawnBott LB75DX robotic lawn mowers is KA’s entry level model for typical suburban lots. Install the wire, drop and go and/or use the included recharging base for automatic mowing!
The LawnBott LB75DX Turbo 7.5Ah is KA’s newest LawnBott specifically for typical suburban 1/3-1/2 acre lots. It includes a single, larger battery (up to) 7.5Ah and larger 12" blade for a Turbo Charge over the LB75DX!
The standard LB75DX mows 12,000 sq ft of grass or finishes your smaller lot sooner with its 4.6Ah battery capacity from two 2.3Ah small batteries. Its mows up to 5.5 hours per day, typical work time per session is 1.5 hours. The Turbo version mows up to 18,000 sq ft of grass using a single, large capacity battery and a larger 12" blade. It mows up to 6.5 hours per day, typical work time per session is 3 hours. The LB75DX mows steep hills, too, up to 28° since its body design is hill-optimized. No wheelies on hills!
If your yard is on the large size for the model or if it has a lot of obstacles (reduces mowing efficiency), you can always upgrade to Bluetooth to give your robot a remote control from Android and Apple smartphones. You download an app from iTunes or Google play and use it to drive the robot. It's really fun to drive the robot! However, if you want full automation, then it's best to choose a larger model.
You can also separate your yard into 1, 2 or 3 zones. This helps LawnBott complete each zone more quickly. The LawnBott LB75DX uses Proven Perimeter Wire Technology to keep LawnBott on your property.
The new V-Meter Recharging Base Return Method varies the return path on each trip to the included Recharging Base. Edge trimming mode available via menus!
The LB75DX has KA’s newest anti-clog underside design with built-in safety blade guard.
LawnBott LB75DX Turbo 7.5Ah comes with 100 pegs, a 29cm blade, battery and charger base. Visit our Robot Mower Accessories page to select additional accessories. Perimeter Wire sold separately.
  • Fully Automatic, includes Recharging Base!
  • Lightweight, only 26 lbs
  • Mows almost any type of grass
  • 10” Blade · Mowing height up to 2.8”
  • Daily Schedule · Rain sensor
  • “Stuck” Sensors Shuts down automatically when stuck.
  • LB75DX Coverage: 1/4-1/3 acre lots approx. 12,000 sq ft grass
  • New V-Meter Base Return Method
  • LB75DX on Hills: 25°
  • Up to 3 Zones
  • Up to 13 Mowing Sessions per Day
  • 2.5-3 Hour recharge time
  • 2 Year KA WarrantyExtended warranty available!
  • GPS Theft-Recovery Capable2
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 1The KA Lithium Ion battery warranty is one year.

 2GPS theft recovery module and service available as an option.

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