LawnBott Wire by the Foot

LawnBott Wire by the Foot
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Looking for a custom length of approved LawnBott perimeter wire? Do you need a short piece to repair a break? Look no further, you have found the right page to place your order.

Some customers want their initial installation to have one continuous wire length, with no splices. We make this available with custom orders up to 4000 feet. Please note, wire color may vary. And, bear in mind that each 1000 feet weighs about 14 lbs, so if you order 4000 feet of continous wire, it will be really heavy!

It is never wise to substitute alternate wire. Wire of the same guage can have different electrical characteristics due to the large variety of available wire insulation. On top of that, not all wire is made for the outdoors. You want a wire that will hold-up to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Also ignore idiotic advice to use solid wire instead of stranded. Solid wire is very brittle and is prone to breakage. Dealers using solid wire probably want to come visit you to help you with a wire repair! Or, it could be that they bought into some silly myth just because they didn't know better. We would never do that to you. We want you to have a pleasant experience throughout the life of your robot and beyond.

Tools are available to help find wire breaks, but let's have you not get one in the first place! Please allow extra time to receive your custom wire length. Short pieces may be available from open rolls we have on hand from our own installations. Their availability varies and there is no minimum length.

The minimum order for custom wire lengths not from one of our open rolls is 1200 feet. We will contact you if we are unable to fill your order. Not finding the LawnBott part you are looking for? Contact us! We may have the part in stock or we can have it shipped to you directly.

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