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NemH2O Deluxe Pool Cleaner Robot always stays in the water.  It cleans the walls and floor of the pool, re-charging itself at the inductive charger.  Set-up takes place outside the pool using the included communication tablet.  Use the optional communication box to send NemH20 back to the charger or to re-start it.  A hook is included in case it is necessary to retrieve NemH2O from the pool bottom.

NemH20 may be used with or without the included filter baskets.  Some customers find it more convenient to leave out the filter baskets because then they do not have to be emptied.  However, including the filter baskets enables NemH20 to pick-up debris.

Just select the type of charger, for straight-walled or curved-walled pools.  Add the optional communication box so you can recall NemH20 to the charger when you prefer to park the robot.

Comes with instructions and a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

NemH2O Deluxe is for pools no larger than 82 feet (25 mt) long and 16 feet (5mt) deep.

More information and specifications are available here:

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Cordless Pool Cleaner Robot - NemH2O Deluxe

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