*** SET OF 3 ***  NT60 Cutter Bit Blade  P/N: 7403  Formerly P/N: 7528   Also check  NT60 Cutter/Drill Bit P/N: 7403H for hard ground.    

You will receive a pack of 3 blades for each quantity of 1 ordered. 

Looking for a different LawnBott/CLH/EZGroove NT60 part?

Most likely we have it in stock now! In not, it can probably be procured quickly. Worst case it will have to come from Italy.  Call 847-960-8520 or email the part number(s) & desired quantities to: info@paradiserobotics.com. We will get back to you promptly with a quotation.

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NT60 Cutter Bit Blade, Old #7528 Set of 3 [7403]

  • $99.99