NT60 Hooking cutter P/N 7406  This is the "Quick Release Chuck" that holds the cutter/blade/bit: 7403 or 7403H. During use, it gets very hot due to friction passed through the bit from the ground. If it is not removed and cleaned and greased with WD-40 or an equivalent lubricant after each use: ***very important! ***. Without cleaning/greasing after each use, this part can wear out more quickly than expected.  Customers who choose not to perform the cleaning/greasing step run the risk of the cutter/bit/blade (7403 or 7403H) seizing onto this part, and then the repair becomes difficult. I hope these warnings will convince you to clean and grease it! 

Buy an extra one to keep it on hand because eventually 7406 does wear out!

Looking for a different LawnBott/CLH/EZGroove NT60 part?

Most likely we have it in stock now! In not, it can probably be procured quickly. Worst case it will have to come from Italy.  Call 847-960-8520 or email the part number(s) & desired quantities to: info@paradiserobotics.com. We will get back to you promptly with a quotation.

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NT60 Hooking cutter [7406]

  • $159.99