Ambrogio/LawnBott® Blade - 7 Styles

Ambrogio/LawnBott® Blade - 7 Styles
Ambrogio/LawnBott® Blade - 7 Styles Ambrogio/LawnBott® Blade - 7 Styles Ambrogio/LawnBott® Blade - 7 Styles
Brand: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS)
Manufacturer P/N: LawnBott
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Ambrogio robots are mulching robotic lawnmowers (a.k.a."lawnbots") that cut frequently by keeping up with mowing.  The tips of the grass are cut and the grass fragments are chopped by the robot into super fine bits.  The clippings are so small, they fall into the soil and fertilize the grass. Best yet, the clippings are invisible!  Make sure you replace the blade so the grass does not become shredded by a dull blade.  Surprisingly, a dull blade also reduces mowing time.

When to Replace your Ambrogio Lawnbot Blade

Usually the blade needs to be replaced about once per year, but this can vary depending on the size of the lawn and the thickness of the grass. If the tips of the grass are brown, it is definitely time to purchase a new blade.  Never use your LawnBott with a blade that has been damaged, such as if it is bent or chipped by a rock or other object.  

How to Make Ambrogio Lawnbot Cut Extra Thick Grass

Is your Ambrogio lawnbot struggling to cut thick grass? Do you sometimes see the “blocked” error because the nose dips down in a rut and the blade gets blocked? Purchase a training blade to overcome this. The training blade helps get the lawn mowed down to a level where a standard blade can keep up with mowing. Switch back to the standard blade once all of the grass is cut.  A blade that is one size smaller than the blade for your robot may be used as a training blade (exception, flat-bent blades are not interchangeable).

35cm Flat 29cm Flat 25cm Flat 25cm Bent 22cm Training**
Ambrogio LawnBott Blades

L350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL LB3550*, LB3510*, LB3500*


L400/i x3, L85 Elite (Red), LB75DX w7.5AH Battery, LB85EL, LB200EL, L200, L200-R LB75DX 7.5Ah, LB3250, LB3210, LB3200, LB2150, LB2000, Evolution, Professional, Deluxe, Ambrogio L250i  L85 Evolution (Green), LB75DX, LB75,LB1200, 4.0 Elite, 4.0 Basic L60B LB1200 All models that use 29cm or 25cm
  May be used as a training blade in place of 35cm blade. May be used as a training blade in place of 29cm blade. Only for L60B & LB1200 Limited supply
Reversible Reversible Reversible Non-Reversible Reversible
Rust-resistant Rust-resistant Rust-resistant Rust-resistant Rust-resistant

*LB3550, LB3510, LB3500: The former, bent replacement blade is no longer available. A spacer under the blade motor must be removed to use the currently-available 35cm flat blade.

** 22cm Blade: Special Order

Blades for Newer Models
6-Cutter 25cm Flat 4-Cutter L15/L20 Bent
4.0 Elite, 4.0 Basic 4.0 Elite, 4.0 Basic L15,L20,Twenty L15, L20, Twenty
Non-Reversible Reversible Non-Reversible Non-Reversible


Not sure what Ambrogio robot or LawnBott you have?  Need help selecting your blade?  No problem! Just give us a call at (847) 960-8520 or email

Not finding the Ambrogio or LawnBott part you are looking for?

Contact us   Likely we have the part in stock now, or, we can obtain it from our supplier or as a special order from Italy!

LawnBott® is now Ambrogio! 

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