GPS Theft Recovery Tracking Module with Multi-year Battery Life for Robot Mowers

GPS Theft Recovery Tracking Module with Multi-year Battery Life for Robot Mowers
GPS Theft Recovery Tracking Module with Multi-year Battery Life for Robot Mowers GPS Theft Recovery Tracking Module with Multi-year Battery Life for Robot Mowers GPS Theft Recovery Tracking Module with Multi-year Battery Life for Robot Mowers
Brand: Paradise Robotics
Manufacturer P/N: LMAST432
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Protect your  Ambrogio Robot or other high-value property from theft with our exclusive multi-year battery life GPS Tracking module!

Our GPS tracker uses state-of-the-art satellite and cellular phone technology to track your property anywhere outdoors where "line of site" to the satellite and 4G cellular coverage is available. Additional location refinement and **indoor tracking** is possible if the tracker is in proximity of any WiFi access point. Our tracker uses infrequent daily or multi-time per day notifications.

The additional **indoor** tracking capability adds a second layer of protection to the built-in real-time tracking of robot mowers that include Geofence capability. Double your protection with our battery-powered tracker!


  • Ideal for tracking robots, equipment, electronic assets, medical equipment and containers.
  • Geofence alerts. Get alerts via text messaging when the asset leaves a designated area.
  • Rugged, waterproof and dustproof enclosure – Rated IP67
  • Mounting instructions for robots provided via our support email address: GPS Tracker Support
  • Trackable throughout the USA where there is 4G cellular coverage (service must be enabled).
  • Replaceable battery 
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser
  • View historic locations for tracker
  • Configurable reporting frequency
  • 6 Month Seasonal Service, 1st year: $99
  • Prepaid Annual Service, 1st year: $129


Battery Lifetime

1 location report per day = up to 36 months
2 location reports per day = 18 months
4 location reports per day = 9 months

  • 5400mAh lithium-ion battery, non-rechargeable, lifetime as described above
  • -4 to 140F operating temperature
  • 4.3″ long x 2.25″ wide x 1.1″ high, 6 ounces (approximately the size of a deck of cards)

Inside the box:

  • 4G GPS Tracker with Built-in Battery
  • SIM card
  • Getting started guide

Why Buy Our Module 

Our module has a multi-year battery lifetime (when configured to report once per day). The module can be configured to report via the app or SMS text messaging one or more times per day. Configure the app for 4x per day reporting and plan to replace the battery each year. Since it has its own battery, it is easy to install and there is no chance it will drain and damage your robot's battery when your robot is sitting idle over the winter. Perform your battery changes with Winter Service.

What to Do if your Ambrogio robot, other Robotic Lawn Mower or other Property is Stolen

The process for recovering your Ambrogio Robot or other property is very simple: call 911 to report the robbery, use the web portal to find your asset. Contact us for assistance locating your robot any time.

Other Asset Protection

Our GPS module can record the location of any asset that can be "seen" by the satellite signal and communicates its location via the web browser and SMS text when in range of 4G cellular communications towers or is near a WiFi access point. It has an internal magnet for mounting to metal housings.

*Tracker Installation

Choose the installation option when you purchase your Ambrogio robot and we will install the tracker discreetly inside the robot's chassis. Our default installation is easily removable so you or your dealer may change the battery during Winter Service (remind your dealer to do so, it is not automatic). Certain robots do not have space for an internal tracker installation. Provide your phone number and we will call you to discuss alternatives.

Set-up Procedure

Provide your telephone number during checkout. We will contact you with activation instructions after the tracker is delivered.


Do not hesitate to contact us! (847) 960-8520  or email us at


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