Each style of wheel upgrade has jagged teeth to help your Ambrogio Robot or LawnBott grip better. Hills and slopes are more easily climbed by Ambrogio/LawnBott. Even if your yard is perfectly flat, the Double-Toothed and/or Spiked wheels are good for ensuring optimal traction, especially when the grass is wet. If you have hills in your yard, a wheel upgrade is essential.

Your order comes with essential mounting hardware, if required.

Ambrogio Models

The following Ambrogio models can be upgraded with metal Spiked Wheels: 4.0 Elite4.0 Basic, 4.0 Elite High Cut, 4.0 Basic High Cut, 4.36 Elite, L250i Elite S+, L250i Elite, L250 Deluxe, L350i. Depending on the model, they may be installed between the two treads or on the outside of the tread. When mounting hardware is required, it is included.

LawnBott® Models

If you purchased your LawnBott® LB3510/LB3550 prior to 2014, you can replace the current wheels with either the double-toothed wheels by themselves or the double-toothed wheels with spikes, that require the addition of some spacers to the charging station.

Metal spiked wheels are not available for the L85 Elite, L85 Evolution, LB75, LB75DX or LB85EL models. These models have specially designed wheels that grip very well on hills. However, the triple-toothed wheels that are standard for the L85 Elite & LB85EL may be used with L85 Evolution, LB75 and LB75DX.

Warning: Do not use metal Spiked Wheels with “Follow Wire” or "Distance Wire = Off" base return method if the wire is placed to allow one of the robot’s wheels to ride on any surface that may be damaged by the spikes, i.e. pavers, concrete, etc. Over time, the robot will make a permanent line in the surface.

See this chart to understand the available wheel upgrades and the corresponding model.

Ambrogio/LawnBott Wheel Upgrades
Wheel Type Compatible Models External Mount or Replace Base Modification Required?
Double-Toothed L300R Elite, L200R Elite, LB300EL, LB200EL, LB3510, LB3550 Replace No
Double-Toothed w/Metal Center Spikes L300R Elite, L200R Elite, LB300EL, LB200EL, LB3510, LB3550 Replace Yes
Metal Spikes L250i, L350i, 4.0, 4.36 Ext. Mount No
Metal Spikes L210 Elite, LB3210, LB3250 Ext. Mount No
Triple-Toothed L85 Elite, L85 Evolution Replace



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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Spiked Wheel Upgrades for Traction Improvement

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