2017 Model L300: Ref # 8, 2017 Model L250: Ref # 8 2017 Model L210: Ref # 8 TX-C1Transmitter [051Z32500A]

This is the new, digital transmitter used in 2017 robots and beyond.  There is also a TX-S2 digital transmitter for older robot models (certain LB300EL or LB200EL LawnBott® models) and the sinusoidal transmitter.  We stock all transmitter types except TX-S1 because TX-S2 can replace TX-S1.  It is also possible to upgrade to digital from sinusoidal by purchasing the digital upgrade kit and (possibly) a new motherboard.  Contact us for assistance if you want to purchase the sinusoidal transmitter, or, if you want to upgrade your robot to digital (certain robot models only).  (847) 960-8520 or email support@paradiserobotics.com

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Transmitter [051Z32500A]

  • $399.99