Never leave your robot outdoors over the winter. Keep your base intact and use this Winter Charging cable to charge your robot indoors, in a garage or shed (temperature must be above freezing). This avoids hassles in the Spring, such as docking issues due to not installing the base correctly. Cover the base tower, a garbage can will suffice. Unplug the power supply, bring it indoors or leave it outside if it was properly mounted.

Charge the battery fully prior to bringing your robot indoors. The robot needs to be charged at least once per month.  We don't recommend leaving it on the charger but it probably won't hurt the battery if you choose to do this. 

If your robot has the Connect module with GPS and Geofence is enabled, make sure you turn off the robot with the switch and the PIN (when Geofence is enabled) or a deep discharge of the battery can occur which is detrimental to the battery. Touch the screen to make sure the robot is really off.

Then charge the robot at least once per month. Turn the robot on, or see that the touch display lights-up, to ensure the charging session will get recorded in the robot's memory (required for the full second year battery warranty). This will keep the battery in top condition.

Robot Models vs Winter Charging Cables

L15/Twenty/Twenty 25,29/Quad: These models do not use a winter charging cable. The L15/L20 base tower snaps onto the platform. The Quad tower must be unscrewed with a T20 screwdriver. Remove the tower to bring it indoors for winter charging with the power supply that came with the robot.

L85: Choose the alligator style winter charger. Then connect smaller alligator test leads to the cable's alligator clips, being careful not to short the alligator clips.

250i: Choose the port style winter charger.

350i/Older models: Choose the alligator style winter charger

4.0/4.36: Choose the port style winter charger.

When to Purchase the 2A Trickle Charger

If the robot's battery is larger than 5Ah, it is necessary to add the 2A Trickle Charger option to your order: 4.0 Extra Premium, 4.0 Premium, 250i Elite, 350i Elite, 4.36 and L400i/450i all need the 2A charger. The battery chargers that come with the robots range from 2A-12A (printed on the charger's label: Output Current). If the charger has an output current greater than 5A, purchase the trickle charger because the cable plastic will melt.

Re-charge the robot with the Winter Charger before setting it up outside and you are good to go!

If you want to order only the charger on this listing, email us and we will remove the cable from your order.

How to Bring Base Tower or Transmitter Indoors

Although it is not absolutely required, it is recommended to bring the base electronics inside. Models that have a base tower: some snap onto the base platform, others are installed with two screws. Remove the perimeter wires from the connectors, then remove the tower. Models that have an arch: remove the left panel, take out the perimeter wires, slide the transmitter off of its posts.

If you decide to leave the base tower outside over the winter, cover it to keep the snow off. Unplug the power from the AC outlet.

When re-connecting in the spring, remember that "Back is Black", that is, the wire from the back of the base goes to the black terminal, the wire from the front goes to the red terminal.

Questions? Contact us!  (847) 960-8520

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Winter Charging Accessories

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