Wishing you had more mowing time? Ambrogio/LawnBott® batteries are Lithium Ion, making them very long-lasting.  It is fairly typical for these batteries to last 8-10 years*, just like the battery in your laptop. See the table below for robot model compatibility.

But even the best battery technology eventually wears out. Also, if you forgot to charge it over the Winter and allowed it to go completely dead, battery performance and/or lifetime can be affected. If you attached a wired theft-recovery GPS module to the battery terminals but did not keep the robot on a charger, for sure this will kill the battery. Spring's fast grass growth means there is no time to be worried about a weak battery!

Mowing Time Questions?

If you did let your battery go dead over the Winter and are unsure about replacing it, bear in mind that often mowing time will increase as the robot charges multiple times. Mowing time also increases continually as the grass gets shorter and shorter since there is less resistance on the blade once the grass gets mowed down.

Don't forget to replace your blade in the Spring, too, since the sharpness of the blade also has a great affect on mowing time. And, it is good to clean the metal contacts on the robot and the base to remove the invisible oxidation that might be impacting the battery's ability to fully charge.

How to Increase Mowing Time

If your Ambrogio/LawnBott® was manufactured 2017 or before, it may have space for an additional battery, enabling a simple and easy "turbo-charge". Contact us if you are unsure whether you can add a battery to an Ambrogio/LawnBott® battery expansion slot.

Battery Life Expectations

Ambrogio/LawnBott® batteries are famous for having long life-times.  They use the same technology found in laptops, cellphones and electric cars and have custom electronics that are designed to treat battery cells right.  In practice, Ambrogio/LawnBott® batteries have proven to be very long-lasting.  Few customers have found it necessary to replace the battery in less than five years of use, with proper care over the Winter.  Many others have kept the same batteries running even longer (up to 10 years)*.

Warning: Robots with the built-in Geofence feature run the risk of a deep discharge that can damage the batteries. If the robot stops due to an error and is left for a few days, the transmitter is continuously transmitting its location, which quickly drains the battery very low. It is important to recharge the robot as soon as possible after this occurs.

* Anectdotal, based on observation and results from actual Ambrogio/LawnBott® owners

How to Select the Correct Battery

Use the chart below to understand LawnBott battery configurations.


Available Slots Battery Type(s)
Ambrogio/LawnBott Battery Options
LB75, LB75DX, L35 2 Small
LB75DX Turbo 7.5Ah, L85 Elite 2 1 Medium, leave 1 slot empty

LB1200 Spyder, L250 Deluxe, L250 Elite

1 Medium

L210 Elite , LB32XX, LB2XXX,

Professional**, Deluxe, Evolution, L250 Elite S+

2 Medium
L350 Elite, L300 Elite, LB35XX, LB300EL 1+2 Large + Medium

Looking for a battery for a newer model, such as L20 Elite, 4.0 Elite, etc.? We stock them. Contact us

LawnBott® LB200EL uses a medium-sized cube-shaped battery that is no longer available. Up to two medium batteries fit inside the chassis, however, you will need to find a way to securely mount them.

Please note, there are shipping restrictions on lithium batteries due to safety issues. Allow extra time to receive your robot's battery.

Not finding the Ambrogio/LawnBott®​ part you are looking for?

Contact us   We may have the part in stock or we can add it to our backorder list.

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Battery - 3 Styles

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