These nuts make contact with the charging base for certain LawnBott® models. They are made of high quality steel , however, years of being outside can take its toll, especially in humid climates. They may not look their best after some time and charging efficiency could be affected. If you see rust spots when you put your robot out for the Spring, it's a perfect time to replace the nuts!

Occasionally, the nuts or plates can become oxidized, preventing any charging connection at all! You'll know when this happens because the LawnBott® will attempt to dock, but the base will not be detected. It will keep hitting the base, never dock, and then you'll find it stuck on the wire or somewhere in the yard with a dead battery.

A quick fix is to sand the nuts/plates with fine sandpaper, but bear in mind this could contribute to rusting if done too vigorously. Here's how you perform a test to see if your nuts/plates need to be replaced and/or sanded. Turn on your LawnBott®, point its nose to the back of the base and watch it drive all the way around your yard. This verifies there is not some other issue keeping your LawnBott from making it back to the base.

Then watch how it pulls in. Are the plates and nuts making contact? Or, did the robot pull in at an angle and miss the plates entirely? If it's the latter, you need to fix that problem; usually caused by the wire not being straight or by the ground near the base being uneven or not flush with the base.

But if it makes contact and still pulls out, the next thing to try is replacing the nuts and/or sanding both the nuts and plates with fine sandpaper. They are usually securely installed, but if they come loose from vibration during work times and the foam gasket was not installed for some reason, then you might find yourself in a pickle because once it falls off in the yard, do you think you will find it again??

Right - so keep some on-hand in the event they get lost in the yard. And, only buy from us because we always include the foam gasket (Hey - we're not into making money on misfortune! We want you to be writing funny LawnBott stories on your social media pages!)

Only one nut is included per order. Use this chart if you are intending to replace all of the dome nuts.

LawnBott® Dome Nuts, Qty per Model
Model Quantity Notes
LB75/LB85 2 Recharging contacts not replaceable.
LB32XX, LB21XX, LB2XXX, Deluxe Evolution Professional 2   Mid-range LawnBotts
LB3510, LB3550 3 Third nut is not for recharging.*
LB200EL, LB300EL, L200, L210, L300 2 Cylindrical type.  Call to order.

If you are unsure about which dome nut to purchase for your robot, contact us  or call (847) 960-8520 and we will gladly assist you.

*The LB35XX model includes one extra dome nut that provides a metal shield for one of the bump sensors. Starting May, 2018, the LB35XX dome nut is sold as two pieces (nut + ring), plus the gasket. Each order includes one nut and one ring.

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LawnBott® Dome Recharging Nut

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