Replace keypad if a button does not work or if you can no longer see the display due to cloudiness. Keypad failures are rare during the first 5 years of use, however, living outside under the sun takes its toll on electronics! LawnBott Keypads are the membrane type with raised buttons. Over time some buttons may stop working. This may occur after about 5-8 years of use, typically.

There are a few interesting keypad failure modes that cause your robot to behave strangely:

  • Your robot appears in the yard at an unexpected time (not during its mowing time) and drives around the perimeter back to the base. This can be caused by a defective "Charge" or "Work/Home" button. The button activates on its own when the keypad fails, sending the robot out. But, since it is not during its mowing time, it will drive around the yard back to the base. You notice the robot running with its blade off, but not stopped due to a blade error.
  • The "-" (minus) key could be activating when it isn't supposed to, therefore shutting off the blade.
  • You have the "Border Blade" selection turned off so the blade will not be on when the robot drives on the perimeter, but you see that the blade is turned on anyway. The "+" key could be faulty.
  • Your robot could be turned off with a blank display, but when you measure the battery voltage it's fine. This could be a stuck on-button, or possibly the motherboard. Try the keypad first - it's a lot less expensive.
  • Your robot doesn't come out on time and you examine the display and it says "Pause". The pause key could have failed.

By now, you have gotten the idea! You might observe another strange behavior and determine the cause could be the keypad. It's always a good place to start because we've seen keypads fail before batteries do in some of our long-time customers' robots. Typically batteries last 8-10 years so if your robot is not that old, look into the keypad first.

Another issue is the display may become cloudy due to the plastic cover that is part of the keypad. It might become hard to read the display. Replacing the keypad solves this issue as well. The replacement keypad and display cover come in one integrated module.

Performing the keypad repair is easy. Simply disconnect the battery for safety. Then remove the old keypad by disconnecting it inside the robot. Then lift the keypad off with a tool. Clean the surface of all leftover adhesive with a product like "Goo-Gone®", then peel and stick the new one. Reconnect the cable, reassemble the robot and you are up and running!

*Note, the replacement keypad may look different than the original and have different names for the commands, but it works the same.

More information: 

  • Easy to install · Peel & stick adhesive backing
  • Available for LawnBott LB35XX, LB32XX, LB2XXX, Evolution, Deluxe, Professional, LB75 & LB85, Ambrogio L210, L300, L85
  • Other styles for newer robots are in stock as well. 

Not finding the Ambrogio or LawnBott part you are looking for? Contact us! (847) 960-8520 or Call/Text (925) 480-7836 or email We may have the part in stock or we can have it shipped to you directly.

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Keypad - 3 Styles

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