• LawnBott Signal Booster for Sinusoidal Transmitter

Does your LawnBott lose its signal in the middle of your yard in the same place? Are you wondering why he pauses momentarily and looks like he's thinking? Have you seen him decide to spin 360 degrees in the same spot in the yard? These are all signs that a signal booster might be needed.

The signal booster provides a 48V DC voltage to increase the signal amplitude for certain LawnBott transmitters that have a signal booster input connector. Right, so don't buy this for the LB85EL, LB75DX or LB75 or if your robot uses the TX-S1, TX-S2 or if your robot is a new Ambrogio robot with the TX-C1 transmitter. The TX-style transmitters have switches that enable you to set 48V.  Contact us if you are unsure which transmitter your LawnBott has.

This signal booster works with the original sinusoidal transmitters (A & B frequencies) as well as the newer sinusoidal transmitter that has A, B & C frequencies. You might not be sure which transmitter you have so if you are in doubt, give us a call before you purchase the signal booster on your own.

Not sure if the signal booster will solve your problem? You're right, there are many things that can cause the signal to be depleted. Check out our Signal Troubleshooting Guide on our troubleshooting page. Or, contact your dealer for help. No dealer in your area? Then contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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LawnBott Signal Booster for Sinusoidal Transmitter

  • $219.99