Even if your yard is perfectly flat, Spiked wheels are good for ensuring optimal traction, especially when the grass is wet.  If you have hills in your yard, the spiked wheels are essential. Wheel upgrades give your Ambrogio L210 or LawnBott (older models) a better grip on hills.

  • Increases traction, especially on slightly damp grass
  • Easier hill climbing
  • Give your LawnBott a new look!
  • Two spiked wheels per order

Other Models

Double-toothed wheels and double-toothed wheels with spikes are available for L350i, L250i, LB300EL, LB3510 and LB3550 here.

LawnBott LB3510, LB3550 and LB300EL spiked wheels require a modification to the base. Select your model and the spacers will be added to your order.

Spiked wheels are not available for the LB75, LB75DX or LB85EL models. These models have specially designed double and triple-toothed wheels that grip very well on hills. But you can upgrade your LB75 or LB75DX with the triple-toothed wheels. Order here.

Warning: Do not use Spiked Wheels with “Follow Wire” base return method if the wire is placed to allow one of the robot’s wheels to ride on any surface that may be damaged by the spikes. Over time, the robot will make a permanent line in the surface.

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Spiked Wheels for L210, LB3210/3250 & LB2150

  • $159.99

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