• Ambrogio/LawnBott® Brushes for Wheel & Blade Motors (Certain Models)

Are you getting the E01 or E03 Blade error consistently on your LawnBott's display? Your wheel or blade motor brushes may have worn out.

What are Motor Brushes, Exactly?

Many LawnBott models use motors that have brushes. Brushes are a metallic material that wears out when used. That's why our robots with brushless motors are so popular!

If you are looking for the least expensive way to get your robot running again, changing the brushes could be your answer.

How to Determine if the Brushes can be Changed

Hopefully you purchased your robot in 2009 or later, or had the chassis upgrade at some point, because then your motors (most likely) have changeable brushes. A few chassis upgrades were done with the Transtechno blade motor and unfortunately, brushes are not available for its motor. It's the one that has the green circuit board on top.

Late-model LawnBotts all use a Fise blade motor or are brushless models.  The Fise motor's brushes are changeable. Fise blade motors all use the same brush kit.  Newer, non-brushless LawnBotts all have changeable wheel motor brushes as well.

Some customers purchased the chassis upgrade and mistakenly assumed the upgrade included brushless motors.  It did not.  There has not been a chassis upgrade that also had brushless motors.

A brushless upgrade has been available for the LB3510/LB3550, though.

See this chart to determine whether your robot's motors have changeable brushes

Model Wheel/Blade Motor Brushes Changeable? Notes
LawnBott Models with Brushes
LB1200 Yes Fise Blade Motor, IMS 42 Wheel Motors
LB75, LB75DX Yes Blade Motor: CS_C0009/F_2,                       Wheel Motor: 075Z08500A
LB3200, LB2000, LB2100, Professional, Deluxe, Evolution No

Transtechno Blade Motor: CS_A0011_SB, S_A0011_01
Wheel Motors: Dunker R1/161: CS_A0106_1 or IMS R1/161: CS_A0106_3
To repair: Replace whole motor or upgrade

LB3210, LB3250, LB2110, LB2150 LB3510, LB3550 Yes Fise Blade Motor, IMS 42 Wheel Motors

Other models, such as LB85EL, LB300EL, LB3510 Brushless and LB3550 Brushless have brushless motors.

How to Go About Changing LawnBott Brushes

We made some nice videos to show you how to change the brushes yourself. The wheel motor brushes are super easy to do! It only takes 5 minutes once you have the motor out of the robot.

Click here to watch the Wheel Motor Brush Video

The blade motor brush is a bit trickier. Watch the video to see if you think you can do it. The trickiest part is when you slide the assembly back onto the motor. Sometimes it goes on easily, other times it takes multiple tries.

Click here to watch the Blade Motor Brush Video

We recommend changing the brushes before they fail.  Put your robot on a schedule of "once per year per acre".  That is, every other year for 1/2 acre, every 4 years for 1/4 acre, etc.  It's just a "rule of thumb".  Actual results will vary.

If you don't think you can change the brushes yourself, all is not lost. Simply contact us for our Winter Service price sheet. You can either send the whole robot to us for service, or just send the motors.

Give your LawnBott some Grease! 

While you have the robot open, be sure to grease the wheels and put grease under the front wheel spindle caps. Don't grease the front wheel tires. LB75/85, remove the wheels and grease the wheel hubs. We recommend Lucas Oil Red Grease with Anti-Seize, available at auto parts stores.

We always grease the wheels when your robot comes in for Winter Service.

Not finding the LawnBott part you are looking for?

Contact us   We may have the part in stock or we can have it shipped to you directly.

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Ambrogio/LawnBott® Brushes for Wheel & Blade Motors (Certain Models)

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