Robotic mowers have successfully used a perimeter wire for many years. That's why we call it "proven perimeter wire technology". But, the down side is you may have the occasional break in the wire that must be repaired for your robot to work again.

Some day robot mowers will be sold without requiring perimeter wire by using GPS & other technology to navigate the area. As a matter of fact, we already offer the LawnBott LB400 Elite robot mower for commercial & very large properties with this technology! Generally, however, even today's wireless robot mower technology is not suitable for homes because your house and trees block the satellite's GPS signal so lots of your grass will not get mowed. Our LB400 Elite robot mower has the best performance on an open field

How to Find a Break in Staked Robotic Mower Perimeter Wire

An advantage of staking the wire down vs. burying it is you can visually inspect the wire to find the break. This is tedious, however. To make the job easier, this above-ground outdoor wire tracer is useful for any wire that has been tacked to the surface of the ground.

Many DIY robot mower customers install the perimeter wire this way but may not be aware they need to purchase this tool to have it on-hand in case of a break. Wire breaks can happen if the wrong type of wire is used or if a critter decides to chew on it or if you forget the wire is there and dig where it is, causing a break.

How to Find a Break in Buried Robotic Mower Perimeter Wire

Even buried wire can break due to digging, critters chewing the wire or stress caused by rainwater forcing the wire deeper into the ground. Buried wire breaks are more difficult to locate and, unfortunately, our tool won't work.

We recommend purchasing this $300 tool, Tempo 508S, if your wire is buried. You can find a break in 5 minutes with this tool, once you learn how to use it. Watch this video to learn more...

However, if $300 breaks your budget, what you can do is buy wire plus some of our outdoor wire connectors. Then find a place where you can cut the wire and twist the ends together with the extra piece so that the robot still has a perimeter. See if the robot detects the signal in the new, smaller, perimeter. If yes, you just reduced the search area by half because you know the break is in the other half (and vice versa if no). If you still can't locate the break, perform the procedure again to continue to reduce the area, moving the base to the other half of the perimeter if necessary (that's a pain, but now you see why having the tool would be easier).

In summary, if you have installed robotic mower perimeter wire on the surface of the ground, use this handy tool to find the break. We include exclusive instructions that explain how to use it for robotic mowers. Note, this product is also useful for tracing indoor wires behind walls.


  • Trace wires with continuity mode and tone generator
  • Tone generator: use the tone generator and the probe to determine where the wire is going and whether or not (and where) the wire is broken
  • Tone generator output (square waveform): single (1500 Hz) or dual (1300 - 1700 Hz)
  • Comes with soft carrying case


  • tone generator:
    • working voltage: 9 VDC (battery not incl.)
    • output wave form: square wave signals ± 3.5 Vpp
      • single audio frequency: ± 1500 Hz
      • dual audio frequency: ± 1300 Hz - 1700 Hz
  • probe:
    • working voltage: 9 VDC (battery not incl.)
    • max. reception sensitivity: > 30 mV
    • maximum output volume: ± 100 dB
  • dimensions:
    • receiver: 238 x 43 × 26 mm / 9.4" × 1.7" × 1.0"
    • transmitter: 145 × 35 × 25 mm / 5.7" × 1.4" × 1.0"
  • total weight: ± 5.64 oz

Batteries: Requires 2 9V DC batteries, not included

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Wire Break Finding Tool for Robot Mowers & Invisible Fence Installations (Surface-staked)

  • Brand: PR Approved
  • Manufacturer P/N: LawnBott
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  • $59.99

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