Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills!

Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills!
Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills! Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills! Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills!
Brand: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS)
Manufacturer P/N: L85 Evolution
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The Ambrogio L85 Evolution is the entry-level robotic mower for typical 1/3 acre yards.  It mows up to 13,000 sq ft of grass, not including the house, driveway, etc.  If your lot is 1/2 acre, take a look at the L85 Elite!   This is also the best robot mower for hills! 

The L85 Evolution and the L85 Elite are very similar robots.  They have the same body style.  Surely you would like to understand the differences!

Here is the L85 Evolution vs. the L85 Elite:

  • L85 Evolution has brushed* motors, L85 Elite has brushless motors
  • L85 Evolution mows up to 1/3 acre of grass, L85 Elite mows up to 1/2 acre of grass (i.e. 1/2 acre lot for L85EV vs. 2/3 acre lot for L85EL)
  • L85 Evolution mows for the time set in the menu, L85 Elite keep going until its done! (i.e. mowed grass sensor)
  • L85 Evolution maintains up to 3 zones.  L85 Elite maintains up to 4 zones.

Both L85 Evolution and L85 Elite are fully autonomous and recharge themselves.  And, they both are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled from a smartphone.

*Brushed vs. Brushless: brushed motors have parts that are expected to wear out.  Generally, the brushes will need to be changed approximately every 2-4 years.  It is easy to disassemble the robot to change the brushes but it is best done by a mechanically-inclined person.  A typical handyman is certainly capable of the task, if you cannot do it yourself.  For the least maintenance, get a brushless model. 

All Ambrogio robots** come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty!

**The standard battery warranty is 1 year, but it is extensible to 2 years with proper Winter charging.

More information and specifications are available upon request. Contact us or call (847) 960-8520.

Perimeter wire* and pegs sold separately - or contact the Authorized Ambrogio Dealer in your area for professional installation.

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* Perimeter wire substitution voids warranty. 

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