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Ambrogio Robot mowers are the top brand of robotic lawn mowers in the world!  Manufactured since 2002 in Italy, Ambrogio Robot was one of the first three brands sold in Europe in the early days of robotic mowing and is still very popular in Europe today!

Paradise Robotics, in partnership with Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, the manufacturer of Ambrogio robots, has brought Ambrogio to the USA and Canada to enable Americans and Canadians the privilege of owning one of these fantastic machines!  Learn about these robots on our web site, or, contact us now!

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Ambrogio Robot 2018 Catalog

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Ambrogio L60 B Robot Mower with No Perimeter Wire!
A robot mower with no perimeter wire?  Yes, it's true!  L60 B is built on the same tec..
Ambrogio L85 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower - Great on Hills!
The Ambrogio L85 Evolution is the entry-level robotic mower for typical 1/3 acre yards.  It mow..
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Ambrogio Robot Mower - L85 Elite Brushless, for Hills
The L85 Elite is the premier robotic mower for typical 2/3 acre lots.  It mows up to 23,000 sq ..
Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower L210+ Elite - Brushless for 1.25 Acres!
The Ambrogio L210+ Elite robotic lawn mower maintains 1.25 Acres of grass. This robotic mower keeps ..
Based on 5 reviews.
Ambrogio Robot Mower L250i Elite S+ with GPS & Dock Cover!
The popular Ambrogio robot mower L250i Elite S+ uses GPS locating technology to assist its navigatio..
Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower - L300 Elite for Large Yards, 1 Acre, 2 Acre or more!
The L300 Elite is from the Ambrogio "Pro" Line having a large mowing range of 1.5 acres!&n..
Ambrogio L400i Deluxe Robot Mower with GPS -  5 Acres!
This is the multi-acre robotic mower you have been waiting for!  Commercial quality but useful ..

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