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L60 Elite S+ is built on the same technology as the discontinued LawnBott® Spyder robotic lawn mower, the world's first robot mower without a perimeter wire.  It uses humidity sensors to distinguish grass from curbs from landscape rocks.  It requires a non-grass border of at least 7" to give it enough time to slow down and reverse its direction.  A drop-off sensor for curbs is included!

L60 Elite S+ is designed for smaller lawns and areas, such as 1/4 acre, 1/8 acre or city lots. Large lawn?  Take a look at our other Ambrogio Robots.

L60 Elite S+ with a 7.5Ah battery is manually recharged (the user connects it to the charger) and it mows about 1/8 acre on a charge.  The robot runs for 2-3 hours at a time before needing a re-charge. You will run the robot 2-3 times for a 1/4 acre lot and only once for a small city lot (e.g. 1/8 acre or less).  Near a driveway or street? The drop-off sensor detects the curb and reverses the robot's direction.

Got an object in the middle of the yard, like a mature tree, a flagpole or a flowerbed?  You will need to put a 7" wide ring of river rock around the tree to enable the robot to avoid encountering the roots, however, it will deal with the flagpole quite easily by bumping gently and reversing its direction. Flowerbeds are easily avoided with a border made from river rock, or, another non-organic material 7" wide or more. L60 Deluxe+ has robust mechanical bump sensors for detecting objects in its path.

Concerned about the finished cutting height? There is a myth that cutting grass higher retains water. However, proponents of this myth do not consider that frequent cutting enables the roots to grow deeper, making grass require less water and creating a drought tolerant lawn.

Bear in mind that L60 Elite S+ has a fairly low finished height, but it cuts at a height ideal for North American grass types. L60 Elite S+ cannot be used for certain varieties of St. Augustine grass that require 4"-6" cutting height. 

L60 Elite S+ is the easy to install, easy to use low-cost robot mower ideal for many homes and unique situations. You can do your gardening while L60 Elite S+ mows the grass!


Check out this video of L60 mowing very tall grass (not recommended!).

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe robot mower mowing tall grass

The video shows the robot mowing very tall grass, but this is not a good thing to do, it is not guaranteed to work. The video shows it successfully working mainly because the robot has four wheel drive and the grass is tall, but sparse.

Had the grass been extremely dense, the wheels would not make contact with the ground and the robot would not move. Always mow one last time with a traditional mower below the blade height, then make sure you place the robot in the lawn before the grass is 0.5" above the blade. Following this method enables L60 Elite S+ to work on any type of grass that tolerates being mowed at no higher than 2".


All Ambrogio robots come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty**!

**All Ambrogio robots have a two year battery warranty if the robot is not left to sit for 5 months uncharged. Charge fully when taken out of service, charge at least once over the winter to keep the battery in top condition.


Spec's and additional information is available here: L60 Elite S+  L60 Elite S+ has a single 7.5Ah battery. The run time per charge can be as high as 3 hours with L60 Elite S+!!  Available options include: Connect (for remote communication/notifications) and Amico for pet safety.

Why buy from us?

We are an Upper Midwest distributor for Ambrogio Robot Mower. We have been working with Ambrogio robots since 2006. As the most experienced internet company for the Ambrogio and LawnBott® brands in the US, we serve consumers and businesses who do not have a dealer. Our dealers are located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin and also in select locations around the USA. Learn more here: About Us

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Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Mower with No Perimeter Wire!

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