Cordless Pool Cleaner: NemH20

World's First Cordless Un-Tethered Pool Cleaner Robot

Enjoy the ease of use and simplicity of NemH20, the first cordless pool cleaner to become commercially available in the world. On the market since 2014, NemH20 has proven itself to be robust and dependable for keeping pools clean worldwide.

NemH20 (pronounced "NEE-MOE") has an inductive charging plate, similar to an electric toothbrush charger. NemH20 is designed to stay in the pool always, and will come and go from the charging plate during the times it is programmed to work. While the pool is being used, NemH20 may be lifted out with the provided hook, or, left in the pool stationary against the charger. It is easy to recall NemH20 to its charging station with the optional control box.

NemH20 works on a standard 120V AC electrical outlet, but the AC voltage is converted to a very safe low voltage to charge NemH20's internal battery. It is not possible for NemH20 to shock swimmers when properly installed.

NemH20's power supply must be kept in a dry, air conditioned room. The lengthy cord to the charge plate can be installed with conduit and many other methods (contact us for recommendations and for more details). It is easy to protect the cord with PVC pipe mounted to the pool wall to eliminate the possibility of entanglement. This can even be done while the pool has water using an underwater marine glue.

NemH20 cordless pool cleaner keeps pools clean every day by staying in the pool. Works for pools up to 50mt long (164 ft) and 10mt (32 ft) deep. Choose the Classic model for typical home pools, Deluxe for medium-sized home and commercial pools and Elite for extra large pools or commercial pools in which NemH20 must be removed at times.

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