Battery Charger [CS_CLG150-30]

Battery Charger  [CS_CLG150-30]
Battery Charger  [CS_CLG150-30] Battery Charger  [CS_CLG150-30]
Brand: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS)
Manufacturer P/N: CS_CLG150-30
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2017 Model L300: Ref # 1, 2017 Model L250: Ref # 1 2017 Model L210: Ref # 1 Battery Charger [CS_CLG150-30] 

This battery charger/power supply works with robots having one 6.9Ah battery or one 7.5Ah battery, or any combination that provides larger battery capacity (e.g. 1 of each, two of the same type, 3 batteries, etc.).  Do not use this power supply with a robot, such as L60 B or LB75/LB75DX that have less battery capacity.  A smaller power supply is required.

This battery charger/power supply is a direct replacement for the one sold with LawnBott® Evolution, Professional, Deluxe, LB32XX, LB3510, LB85, LB200EL and can be substituted for the power supply used with LB3550 and LB300EL.

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