GPS Additional "Locates"

GPS Additional "Locates"
GPS Additional "Locates" GPS Additional "Locates" GPS Additional "Locates"
Brand: Paradise Robotics
Manufacturer P/N: PR-LOCATES
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This applies to the 3G GPS Wired Module only, purchased from us 2015-2018. The module is discontinued from us for purchase (we now offer a 4G module), but you can purchase locates for as long as your module is supported by our supplier.

Don't let the "locates" in your account get depleted! There are a few scenarios in which you might want to buy additional locates.

1) Let's say your asset disappeared and you've been working with us to recover it. You used-up the 5 locates with your overnight activation or the 10 locates with your 7-day activation. You just want more locates since your module is already activated during the overnight or 7-day period. That's why you buy more locates.

2) You asked up to set-up interval tracking to track your asset or fleet and used-up all available locates. Purchase additional locates to enable us to keep providing the interval tracking information.

3) You did not disable the tracking module after bringing your asset indoors as requested by us and have depleted all available locates in your account. This can occur when you bring your LawnBott/Ambrogio Robot in for the Winter and you do not disconnect the module. The Geofence will be disabled once your locates account is depleted. Purchase locates to enable us to re-activate the Geofence in the Spring. Order additional locates after your account is set-up and tested, or add additional locates to your account at the time you purchase your module and/or activate it. We'll contact you if you have inadvertently purchased locates without first making a purchase to activate your module.

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