Ambrogio Perimeter Wire with Free Connectors! 5 Styles

Ambrogio Perimeter Wire with Free Connectors!  5 Styles
Ambrogio Perimeter Wire with Free Connectors!  5 Styles
Brand: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS)
Manufacturer P/N: LawnBott
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This wire is designed for outdoor applications. Its high-quality insulation won’t degrade in extreme weather conditions. Better than “hardware store” wire!

Why Purchase our Ambrogio/LawnBott Wire

Don't even think of substituting another wire. You may think you can save money by purchasing wire at a local hardware store. This is a fallacy. Outdoor wire is difficult to find at hardware stores. You will pay much more to replace your wire when it degrades over time!

On top of that, using alternate wire may 1) void the warranty 2) become a problem due to electrical considerations, potentially requiring replacement while troubleshooting a signal issue. outdoor wire splice connector robotic mower invisible fence

Besides that, we include free premium outdoor wire connector(s)! 

Wire color may vary depending on availability, it will be brown or green.

Our large reel, the typical amount needed for most lawns, comes on a convenient reel!

Custom length wire available!

Email us to place a special order or visit this page!

By the way, our wire may be suitable for other robotic mower brands. Order a small piece to compare it. 

If you are still unsure how much extra wire you need, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Call (847) 960-8520 or Call/Text (925) 480-7836 or email

Not finding the Ambrogio or LawnBott part you are looking for?

Contact us!  We may have the part in stock or we can have it shipped to you directly.

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