GPS Tracking Module 3G HSPA - Service: Pay as you Go or Geofence Plan!

GPS Tracking Module 3G HSPA - Service: Pay as you Go or Geofence Plan!
GPS Tracking Module 3G HSPA - Service: Pay as you Go or Geofence Plan! GPS Tracking Module 3G HSPA - Service: Pay as you Go or Geofence Plan! GPS Tracking Module 3G HSPA - Service: Pay as you Go or Geofence Plan!
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Protect your LawnBott or other high-value property from theft with our exclusive GPS Tracking module!

Our GPS tracker uses state-of-the-art satellite and 3G HSPA cellular phone technology to track your property anywhere outdoors where "line of site" to the satellite and sufficient 3G HSPA AT&T coverage is available. Now for the English translation: what this means is your property cannot be located indoors or in a location very close to a building (blocks the satellite) nor in many rural areas (no 3G coverage). Rural areas are kind of self-protecting, anyway, since there are far less thieves in rural areas than in cities and suburbs.

No 3G HSPA coverage? Check out our CDMA module since perhaps you'll have Verizon coverage available in your area.  Our CDMA module cannot use the Pay-as-you-Go service, though.

Pay as you Go - No Service Plan Required

Surely you are thinking you have to purchase an expensive service plan with AT&T to make this work. Nope! You have the option to purchase no plan at all (Pay-as-you-Go). That is, you can "locate" your property as soon as you realize it is no longer there. Bear in mind, however, this gives the thief a bit of a head start and he may have a chance to disable the module. This is the exact reason we include battery backup in our GPS module because thieves are not known to be brilliant and although they may take the module out, they won't know it's still running and will still get caught!

Another down-side of Pay as you Go Service is the module could stop working and you would not know. Therefore, we strongly advise purchasing "locates" to check on your module & make sure nothing went wrong with it.

GeoFence Instant Notification

Free with your Service Plan! Avoid giving the thief a head-start and get virtually instant notification when your property is taken with our low cost service plans! Annual and multi-year plans available with or without GeoFence service (free service upgrade).

We work with you to place a boundary area around your the map of your property in our computer system. You provide any number of email addresses and cell phone numbers. You will receive an SMS text message shortly after your property leaves the boundary. You could even attach this module to a battery and hang it onto your Aunt Millie's wheelchair to track her daytime excursions! That's right, turn it into an elder tracker! Kidding aside, customers who seriously want this should give us a call to discuss.

Why Buy Our Module vs. Another Seller's

Our module is customized by us for easy connection to the LawnBott Robotic Lawn Mower, most models. First off, its input voltage is compatible with LawnBott's battery voltage. On top of that, we attach special connectors that make installing this module into a LawnBott a snap! It's so easy, you can do it yourself!  We've made this so easy, even your LawnBott dealer most likely purchases their modules from us!  Also, we include battery back-up to enable catching a thief even if the module's power wires are cut.

Buy the module with service - choose an annual plan or a multi-year plan. Or, purchase service as you need it (Pay-as-you-Go). You always have the option of purchasing service later. Just make sure you periodically purchase some "locates" to verify your module is still functional.

What to Do if your LawnBott or other Property is Stolen

The process for recovering your LawnBott or other property that you are protecting with our module is very simple, but is different depending whether your service is Pay-as-you-Go or with the Geofence.

Pay as you Go

  1. Click this link: GPS Service Pay as You Go
  2. Purchase the activation duration and the number of locates you desire.  We will email the GPS coordinates of your property within 24 hours of receiving your order*.  
  3. Optional: Purchase "locates with interval" to track your property's movements over time (please call us to make this purchase)
  4. Call 911 and provide the dispatcher with the coordinates and/or an online map to aid in recovering your property.

Annual/Multi-year Plans

1.  Assuming you have worked with us to set-up and test the Geofence, you will be notified within 10-15 minutes by email and/or SMS text message with the coordinates at which your LawnBott exited the GeoFence.

2.  Simply call or email us to perform additional locates to determine if the exit notification was due to a false alarm or an actual theft.  The locates will come from locates included in your plan.

3.  If an actual theft has taken place, call 911 and provide the coordinates. If you would like us to locate your property on an interval, call to have us set this up.

False Alarms due to Geofence & Other Factors 

False alarms commonly occur during the set-up period. The Geofence has to include portions of surrounding properties and it takes a few iterations to get it right because we are trying to keep the boundaries as close to your property as we can. Simply work with us until the false alarms are eliminated.

False alarms also occur once you bring your property or LawnBott indoors (commonly done once per year for many LawnBott robot mower owners). You can try locating your LawnBott near a window, or, open-up your LawnBott and disconnect the GPS module for the Winter. Just remember to re-connect it when you put your robot out in the Spring.

No false alarms occur if you selected Pay-as-you-Go but have not activated your module.

Fleet Tracking

Our GPS module can be adapted for tracking car/truck fleets and or your mobile workforce. Contact us for special pricing so we can help you track your fleet and your employees' movements. You will be given your own account in our system and you will get full technical support to set it up and customize it for your use. There is a 10-unit minimum order for fleet tracking.

Need more "Locates"?

Visit our locates page to purchase additional locates or call us to place an order and/or to set-up interval tracking.


Do not hesitate to contact us! (847) 960-8520  or email us at

*except for times when we are closed for vacation, then we will respond as soon as we regain an internet connection

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