NT60 Fin with sliding tube: wire feeder P/N 7572. This is the new style Fin that cuts the ground and feeds the wire into the groove. It is for 16 Gauge wire and smaller. It replaces the old fin that has a wider opening and accepts larger wire, P/N 7456 (no longer available). Contact us for advice if your application requires 7456: (847) 960-8520

7572 does not have the protective sleeve that the Fin Kit, 7573, has. Transfer the sleeve over to this fin, or use it without the sleeve. When using the fin without the sleeve, it is imperative to check the condition of the fin tube opening frequently - to ensure there are no sharp edges that may damage the wire as it is being installed in the ground. We feel it is safest to use the protective sheath as a "first line of defense" and then inspect the sheath after completion of each installation.

Looking for a different LawnBott/CLH/EZGroove NT60 DW45 part?

Most likely we have it in stock now! If not, it can probably be procured quickly. Worst case it will have to come from Italy.  Call 847-960-8520 or email the part number(s) & desired quantities to: info@paradiserobotics.com. We will get back to you promptly with a quotation.

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NT60 Fin: Replaces OLD P/N 7456 [7572]

  • $249.99

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