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NemH2O is the new, revolutionary and world's first cordless robotic pool cleaner that scrubs the pool floor and walls, navigating independently, with no attached power cord! No power cord means no cord tangling issues!

Nemo pool robot in pool lounge chairs


Unlike traditional "robot" pool cleaners that use the force of the water and random navigation, NemH2O (pronounced "Nemo") is a real robot, with random navigation, but the ability to maneuver itself out of problem areas with sophisticated algorithms. In other words, traditional "robot" pool cleaners do not have a brain, but NemH2O does, meaning NemH2O works better! 







NemH2O recharges itself via a portable plate installed at the water's edge. The plate uses completely safe, inductive charging, just like an electric toothbrush, for charging the robot's internal battery.  Not having a cord increases the usefulness of the pool during the cleaning cycle.



NemH2O's two powerful turbines and nylon scrubbing brushes are a key difference from traditional pool cleaners that use water jets, since the brushes are turned by the turbine force. Nemo's brushes are simply more effective than forceful water and loosely spinning brushes.



NemH2O (Nemo) has two filter baskets on-board, perfect for picking up large debris, but use of these filters is completely optional. NemH20 works in conjunction with the pool's main filter. Its scrubbing action loosens dirt, enabling the pool's filter to take it away. Got an algae problem? No worries, NemH2O will take care of it! NemH2O helps restore the balance your pool needs by enabling the pool filter to clean effectively.



NemH2O is Bluetooth-enabled and app programmable with its own iPhone or Android application.



NemH2O Pool CleanerNemH20 Top View


Standard Accessories

Nemo Tablet

                                            Nemo Hook




Control Tablet                             Retrieval Hook



nemo charger existing pools pendulum  

Pendulum Charger                       Built-in Charger                       Communication Box


Specifications and more Information


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