Infinuvo QQ2 Basic

Infinuvo QQ2 Basic
Infinuvo QQ2 Basic Infinuvo QQ2 Basic
Brand: Metapo
Manufacturer P/N: QQ2-Basic
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The Infinuvo QQ2 Basic is a great low cost robotic floor vacuum/sweeper for hardwood floors, tile, linoleum and any hard & relatively smooth surface. The performance and features for the price are unsurpassed. The QQ2 Basic robot floor vacuum/sweeper cleans on its own after charging 2-3 hours for approximately 70 minutes. It uses five cleaning manuevers to complete its work: Special Bounce, Along Wall, Spiral, S-Shape & Polygon Spiral. It performs each movement in a predetermined, repeating sequence so that eventually the entire floor has been contacted by the vacuum opening, sucking up dirt and pet hair into its bin. Cleanmate QQ2 cleans quietly and effectively. It moves more slowly than other brands allowing its motor to run at a lower speed. This in turn enables it to be dramatically quieter than a standard vacuum and significantly quieter than other robotic vacuum brands. The proof of its great performance is the amount of dirt and hair in the bin after it runs. Cleanmate QQ2 Basic, like all Infinuvo vacuums, is absolutely loaded with features for the price. It has a remote control that is stored on top, it has a germ-killing UV light that kills germs as it navigates, it comes with a brush cleaning tool, charger, light-touch bump sensor, under-bed sensor, battery and more! Although other web sites may claim this vacuum works on carpet, we don't fully agree. Certainly it can be used on flat, non-plush carpets or rugs and it will pick up dirt. However, because the brush is very soft and is ideal for cleaning hard wood floors, we are not surpised to hear from our customers that it does not pick up pet hair very well from carpets. For this reason, we highly recommend Cleanmate QQ2 Basic for floors, but do not give it a strong recommendation for carpets. On the other hand, our other Infinuvo models, the Hovo 510 and Hovo 620 are fantastic at both floors and carpets. The decision is easy. If you are on a strict budget or if your home is mostly floors, choose Cleanmate QQ2. However, if you want additional automation via self-recharging, you want a touchless design and you have a lot of rugs, choose one of our Hovo models. Roomba is an excellent choice as well, being the most experienced manufacturer (8 generations of robots to-date). We are an Authorized Infinuvo Dealer! 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Robot) & 6 Months Manufacturer Warranty (Battery)

Infinuvo Robotic Vacuums
Virtual Blocker
5 Sequential Cleaning Patterns
2 Movement Speeds
Gentle Bump Sensor
"Touchless" IR Sensor Obstacle Detection
Single Button Auto vs. SPOT Cleaning
New Intake Design with Strong Suction
1 Roller Brush, 1 Side Brush
2 Counter-Rotating Side Brushes
Avoids Stairs/Drop-offs
Under Bed Sensor
Automatic Recharging
Hepa Filters
Remote Control
Mopping Pad Slot
Mopping Pad Slot with Mopping Pad
Germ-Killing UV Light
Reduced Time to Return to Charger N/A
Fragrance Compartment
Control Buttons
Battery Capacity 1.8 A Hr (up to 90 min run time)
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
6 Month Manufacturer Warranty (Battery)
Hardwood Floors, Tile, Linoleum √ Excellent Performance
Low Pile/Flat Carpets/Rugs
Standard Pile Carpets/Rugs Marginal Performance
High Pile/Plush Carpets/Rugs Not Suitable

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